Hi! Welcome to My 3D Printer Adventure!

I am in Adelaide South-Australia and have filament for sale.



Have a look at this!




Hi, and my apologies for not adding or updating info here on my site.
A lot of water has gone under the bridge since my last post.
I have not stopped with my 3D printers….rather the opposite.
I have been incredible busy over the last years.

1) I have invented, designed, 100% printed (except for metal parts), assembled and tested a 3D printer that does not print plastic…. that is all I can say at this point.

2) I have improved my hot ends but are still using my first hot end on my first prusa i3 variant. Yes it is still going strong and I have yet to purchase a hot end.

3) I made a water cooled hot end 2 years ago but stopped development of that one until 2 months ago. I have now a completely new printer in my collection using coreXY and a water cooled hot-end. Designed from scratch, and it works great. And guess what…I am still using my braid line….even on my coreXY printer. This printer is currently in a testing stage and requires a few tweaks here and there before I am happy with it.

4) I also designed a nozzle about 2-3 years ago as well, using 3 filaments going into one but stopped working on that one when a friend (another printer enthusiast) of mine told me about the Diamond nozzle. That design was too hard to make without special machinery…but I might take it up again. Nothing like a good challenge.

5) Lately I have become involved with a company designing and trying to launch a very exciting project involving 3D printable parts used with mobile phones, as well as the project mentioned in point 1.

I have also been to some larger exhibitions, such as Science Alive and The Royal Adelaide Show here in South Australia. Meeting lots of interesting people, including the Premier of South Australia.

As you can see, I have been extremely busy…but I love it…there is lot of fun trying to push the boundaries and see what happens.

Have also added some photos to my printed parts list for you to see.

Take care and hopefully I can find some more time on here.


Have not been on here with much news lately….been very busy.
I was invited to show my printer at Adelaide Science Alive weekend by Adelaide Hackerspace, and boy was that a busy weekend! Fantastic!

Well, since then I have added another hotend to my i3. Now I need to figure out the software side of dual extruder printing.

Also while I remember, still using my own hot ends. Have made several of the small stainless steel ones for my i3 and they work very well.
Will have some more details at a later stage. (remember, I only use normal tools for all my hot ends)

(24/6/13….Halfway to Christmas….)

Have added some info you might find interesting. It is towards the bottom of my Printing page.
I have also added some info on my Prusa i3 page.

Have fun


Today was a good day for me….. well I think so.
I designed and built a hot-end for my Prusa i3.
Since it is “the year of the stainless steel hot-ends”, I thought I’ll give it a shot.
Tested it today and it works quite well 🙂
It is only 35mm high so it is quite small and requires no fan when printing with ABS.
Again 0.35mm hole.
Made a bowden extruder as well, and have been printing several parts already. Not perfect by a long shot but, a bowden extruder setup is a different ball game altogether..but I am working on it.

Hoping to have some more updates in regards to my i3 build soon.

Hi to all of you who are visiting my site.
I think someone from almost every country has landed here.
That’s fantastic and I hope you get some info or inspiration from what you see and read.
I have been meaning to clean this site up a bit, but find it hard to find the time.
One day…..
All the best


Just started to put together my first Prusa i3
Will try to make a separate page for that one!


Just a small comment:
I am still using my MKII nozzle, and it has been working perfect since day one, no leaking or problems apart from a blockage once caused by a minor particle from my dust shield (piece of foam) that cleans the filament prior to entering the hot end.

If you are in Adelaide I can supply filament here:

An interesting link to keep an eye on!

Today the 4th day of August 2012 I did my first test print on my new printer!

Very exciting times…..

I have added a new page for my new printer here.

Below are some photos:

My new printer

New printer printing spare parts…..as this particular part takes 22hrs to print on my old trusty “T-Ford” of a printer.  🙂

Lots of tweaking to do, but a long print is used to test my hot-end as well.


There is some very good information put together to help any one wanting to build a printer on the RepRap site.

It is called Latest Stable Build 2012.

Please feel free to leave any comment, suggestions.


About 3dprinterman

Hi, I am Norwegian but have lived in Australia for the past 25 years. As you probably know by know I am quite fascinated by the 3D printer technology. Take care Jan
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2 Responses to Hi! Welcome to My 3D Printer Adventure!

  1. Joe says:

    I believe you used to have instructions on building your own heated print bed out of resistors. I discovered your page a while ago but coming back to re-read, I see they’re gone.
    Is there any chance you could repost them please?
    I’m new to 3D printing, I’ve had my Type A Machines Series 1 for 2 months now, and find I really need a heated bed to do anything serious.
    Although just starting out, I too have a blog of my 3D printing adventure.
    Best regards,

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