I think it must have been about 3 months before Christmas 2011 that a family member got me to watch a TV program about 3D printers. Or more specifically about RepRap and its founder, Adrian Bowyer.

I was totally blown away by what I saw and heard. Finally an affordable 3D printer that you could actually build from home.

Now there are several options to choose from such as buying a complete printer, buying parts or make most of it yourself.

I chose probably the most hardest option, making it all myself, if possible. The reason? Well, I knew nothing about 3D printers, software, firmware etc, so by going down this path I would be forced to learn if I was going to succeed.

My decision was made, and I started on my project within a week.

On this site/blog (page: Building My First 3D Printer) I will try to share my journey as I attempt to build my first printer, and maybe it will inspire someone else to build one as well.

You will find more specific information on stepper motors, hot-end etc. on separate pages. Please browse through the menus.

You are more than welcome to use any of my information and methods to make yourself a printer, but remember, this is not a “how to”, it worked for me and may not work for you and please use good judgement when it comes to using tools etc. If you have never used some of the tools before, please make sure you seek advise prior to use. Most of it is quite simple but please take care. This is all about having fun, not a competition about how many band aids you can wear in one day 🙂

I will add more information and pages as I find time.


Jan (IceMan)


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