I have put together a list of tools required. You may find other ways of working your parts, but this is what I had available to me.

  1. SAFETY GLASSES.  Any drilling can make swarf fly off and if it goes in your eyes it can be catastrofic. You do want to be able to see what you are going to print later on, so please wear Safety Glasses!
  2. Pedestal drill (drill press).  Another warning. Please use a hair-net if you have long hair. Or a tie back. When you drill the small hole you will need to see very close up what you do. Please make sure your hair DOES NOT get cought in the spindle. It will hurt! 
  3. Vice to clamp object you are drilling.
  4. Pliers.
  5. G-clamp to clamp vice to drill press.
  6. Drill bits, 2mm – 10mm and any imperial sizes you may need.
  7. Hole saw to make holes for stepper motors.
  8. Spade drill/s for holes to fit bearings and rods.
  9. Metal file, flat and aprox 2mm thick with squere sides that can be used for filing as well.
  10. Hacksaw blade to make grooves in brass nozzle.
  11. Stanley knife.
  12. Oil or preferably WD40 for cooling and lubricating drills.
  13. Drill bit for nozzle 0.35mm
  14. Set of taps, both internal and external.
  15. Soldering iron or a small cheap blow torch from the hardware store. Please note that I have used standard soldering for all my joints on this printer. I am looking into silver solder, but so far I have not had any issues using standard solder.
  16. Calipers / Vernier
  17. Glass cutter if you are going to cut glass for your heated bed.  PLEASE REMEMBER: Use Safety glasses AND good strong (leather) gloves when handling glass. When cutting glass there is always VERY sharp edges and splinters can fly into your face. And if you live in a hot country , as I do, make sure you wear closed shoes. If you drop the glass on your feet/toes you will know about it if you don’t wear closed shoes. 
  18. Small piece of sand paper to smooth edges of glass after cutting it. (if cutting glass)
  19. Access to a table or drop saw that can cut timber square.
  20. Depending on your eyesight, you may find a magnifying glass will come handy when drilling the small hole in the nozzle.
  21. (keep a few band aids handy, for those minor scratches/cuts)
  22. A very important tool, one that I use a lot, is called imagination. Adults seem to loose that over time,but kids have an abundance of it. Try not to loose it as it can become very handy when you get stuck. 😉

No, there is no need for a lathe, it is very high on my list of things I would like, but can’t justify the expense right now. And one of my aims with building this particular printer was to make it without any special tools.


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